Key Features

Customized features for any requirement.

Cloud Based

Our applications, services and resources are made available to our users on demand via the Internet from anywhere they have connectivity. This Elastic Cloud Computing gives us the ability to quickly expand or decrease computer processing, memory, and storage resources to meet changing demands.  So no matter where you are at, or how many fans you have we have it covered.

Live Data

Our Live Data can entertain your users with graphically enhanced live visualisation of all the match action and in-depth real-time content,  keeping your teams fans glued to your Mobile Application generating more sponsorship revenue. This covers all international tournaments as well as the European, Asian and American competitions and most cups and minor domestic leagues from around the globe.

App Publishing

We publish your Mobile Application for both Android and Apple – this gives all your fans the ability to download and experience your application no matter what device they favour.  We also manage all the releases, upgrades and accessories for these devices – so it doesnt matter if your fan as an iWatch or Samsung Gear we have you covered.


Unlimited revenue potential via premium ad placements, custom in-app sponsored content and game day sponsorship.  We have features to deploy Personalized Paywalls, Subscriptions, Contests and integration of merchandise sales and online ticketing.  Deploy iBeacons within your stadium implement scavenger hunts and contests to reward your fans and engage your sponsors.

Easy to use and flexible.

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